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Gemini Vacuum System, 400 Series (Standard 3 Phase)

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The Gemini Vacuum System consists of two AutoVac vacuum producers and a single filter separator in one convenient package. Choose from six different Gemini models varying in size to serve up to 24 simultaneous users. The twin vacuum producers create suction to pull air, dirt and debris from the end user’s nozzle, through the vacuum hose, and into the lower half of the filter separator. Here, a precisely engineered cone creates a powerful cyclone that guides debris downward into a waste container. The air then passes through a series of filter bags in the upper portion of the filter separator. Only clean dry air returns to the vacuum producer. Combine your Liberty Vacuum with engineered piping, support structures and motor controls to complete your central vacuum system. Piping and muffler sold separately.

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Item #

Simultaneous Users

Power (Dual HP)
@ 3600 RPM

Vacuum Frame


at 10 feet


C124-1032 6-8 Simultaneous Users 10 hp 52” wide x 33” high x 38” long 1400 lb 75 dB 64 x 30 in
C124-1542 8-10 Simultaneous Users 15 hp 52” wide x 33” high x 48” long 1650 lb 76 dB 64 x 30 in
C124-2052 10-12 Simultaneous Users 20 hp 52” wide x 33” high x 48” long 1800 lb 77 dB 76 x 30 in
C124-2562 12-14 Simultaneous Users 25 hp 52” wide x 33” high x 54” long 2100 lb 79 dB 76 x 30 in
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1 
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