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Vacuum Truss Systems

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AutoVac offers a variety of truss systems to support complement your centralized vacuum. The Freedom Truss System is a modular piping, canopy and support structure to complement your centralized vacuum. Whether you need one or 100 vacuum hoses, the Freedom Truss System allows you to build a customized support structure to your specifications. And with two or more trusses, you can add a canopy to create an inviting, shaded vacuum area. Other options include individual cyclonic primary separators for each truss, and vacuum-on-demand metering devices. The Freedom Truss system is completely modular so it grows with your business.

The freedom to choose – start with your truss system and add any or all of our options.

Start with Your Vacuum Truss
  • Each truss can serve one or two customers – you decide the number of hoses.
  • Cantilever design maximizes usable space and affords optimum flexibility.
  • Vacuum tool is delivered directly to the customer’s door – no more hoses dragging on the ground.
  • System is modular and expandable so it can grow with your business.
  • Built to last, the all steel heavy-duty construction features durable powder coated finish.
  • Choose a powder coat color to complement your location.
  • Certified engineering stamp is available upon request.
Choose Your Canopy
  • With two or more trusses, add a canopy to create an attractive vacuum area.
  • Choose from a variety of solid and mesh Sunbrella™ shade materials to complement your site.
  • Solid canopies are solution-dyed to give excellent fade and weather resistance.
  • Mesh canopies are vinyl coated polyester for extreme durability.
Add the IntelliVac to Meter Airflow
  • IntelliVac technology allows you to meter your airflow and manage electrical costs.
  • Turn your free vacuums into a profit center.
  • You decide how long customers vacuum free of charge and give the option to buy more vacuum time.
  • You select payment methods: token, coins, bills, credit cards, keypad.
Primary Separators if You Please
  • Compact cyclonic separators can be added to each truss.
  • Primary separators capture dirt and debris before air enters piping.
  • Allows for easy recovery of customer items accidentally vacuumed.
  • Each separator serves up to two hoses.


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Vacuum Truss Systems Brochure
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