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Gardner Denver Cycloblower Positive Displacement Blowers & Vacuum Pumps

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For more than 50 years, Gardner Denver’s durable CycloBlower Industrial Series has been providing significant advantages in efficiency, quality, and dependability.

Efficient, Shock-Free Compression
  • Helical screw rotors generate a balanced compression cycle
  • Smooth and steady discharge eliminates the sudden release of trapped pockets of air into the line
  • Contoured inlet and discharge ports minimize turbulence
Dependable Quality
  • Superior and consistent quality is found in every CycloBlower as a result of:
    • Continual investment in the training of world-class manufacturing personnel
    • Quality inspections throughout the entire manufacturing process
  • Compact design utilizing optimum performance materials
  • Reduced vibrations result in longer service of critical blower components
High Capacity
  • Industry unique rotor profile and accurately maintained tolerances allow the CycloBlower to operate at high speeds for increased capacity
Clean Air/Gas Delivery
  • Contact-less rotors eliminates the need for lubrication within the compression chamber
  • Outboard position of rotor bearings allows atmospheric venting between the compression chamber and the bearings and gears
  • Prevents gear and bearing lubricants from contaminating the compression chamber for clean air/gas delivery
Installation Flexibility
  • Units can be powered by various types of drives including electric motors, constant or variable, gasoline and diesel engines, or steam turbines
  • May be connected through a variable frequency
  • drive (VFD), V-belt, or direct drive to further improve efficiency
Low Installation Cost
  • A special foundation is not required
  • CycloBlower requires minimal floor space
In many comparable applications, the CycloBlower operates more efficiently than other straight-lobe blowers. By requiring less brake horsepower, BHP, energy operating costs can be realized and reduced.

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Airflow Range

6700 cfm


20 psig

Dry Vacuum

17" Hg

Wet Vacuum

24" Hg


·  Cyclo Brake Horse Power Graph

·  Cyclo Dimensional Chart

·  Cyclo Energy Cost Chart

·  Cyclo Performance Chart #1

·  Cyclo Performance Chart #2


GD Cyclo
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Positive Displacement Blowers Brochure
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