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Dryer Systems

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Finally, an all-aluminum high performance dryer that reduces energy costs by upwards of 75%and outlasts the competition. From concept to completion, our dryers are engineered to work with Dryer IQ (featuring variable frequency drive technology). While other dryer systems reduce energy consumption with the use of dampers, AutoVac goes one step further. Dryer IQ reduces electronically reduces RPMs to cut energy costs exponentially. Our intelligent dryer system features engineered castings that maximize airflow for unbeatable performance. The all-aluminum construction stands up to the harshest tunnels without corroding, cracking or fading. Superior design and durability. Competitive cost. Unbelievable energy savings.

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  • Variety of nozzle shapes with quick-change angle pre-sets allow you to customize your layout
  • Available in 10HP and 15HP
  • Dryer arches available in aluminum or stainless steel
  • Choose from our standard sized dryer arch or customize your design


Energy savings that blow your mind

Other dryer manufacturers understand that by closing off the airflow of a dryer between cars, the motor’s RPMs drop and energy consumption is reduced. This reduction is usually about 20 to 30 percent of what the dryer would draw at full speed. Not bad. But AutoVac goes one step further with Dryer IQ. Once the airflow is closed off, our intelligent variable frequency drive (VFD) further reduces the motor’s RPMs electronically ... for a savings of up to 75% between cars. Multiply that by every dryer that is managed by Dryer IQ. Told you it would blow your mind.
  • Take a 15 HP dryer motor. At full speed it’s operating at 3,600 RPMs and draws 46 amps.
  • Close the airflow with a damper and it’s still operating at 3,600 RPMS but only draws 10-12 amps.
  • When Dryer IQ steps in and electronically reduces the motor to 2,100 RPMs it draws only 1 to 1.5 amps!
Utilizing its “look-back” feature, Dryer IQ gauges cars in the tunnel and then matches production to throughput. Motors continue to run at extremely low RPMs rather than shutting down between cars – this eliminates costly power spikes that occur when starting a motor.

The Scientific Explanation

This works because of mathematical power laws, in that flow in a system is determined by the speed of its pump or fan. The pressure delivered varies as the square of the speed. So, as you double the speed you deliver four times the pressure. Consequently, the power required varies as the cube of the speed – which means if you double the speed, you need eight times as much power. Conversely, if you halve the speed, you halve the flow but you only need one-eighth of the power.
  • 1/2 speed = 1/2 flow = 1/8 power
  • Translation . . . Savings
Dryer IQ applies all that science to deliver savings in real dollars. By dramatically reducing energy consumption between cars, return on investment is realized quickly and saving continue for the life of the system. Some municipalities also offer cash rebates for installing VFD technology.

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