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Barrel Top Separator

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AutoVac’s Barrel Top Separator is a convenient cyclonicunit that can be added to a central vacuum system at one,or several, points of use. Whether you need to capturevaluable byproducts to be recycled or prevent abrasivematerials from entering the main vacuum system, our BarrelTop Separator is the answer. These portable units areideally suited for machine shops that handle variousmaterials as well as wet extraction applications.Our Barrel Top Separator becomes the first line of filtration.Through cyclonic action, particles and debris are removedfrom the airstream and deposited into the collection drum.Material is captured and collected at the source, rather thanentering the main vacuum system. The unit can be used tocapture milling byproducts for recycling —ideal forcollecting valuable shavings and chips in machine shops(aluminum, brass, copper, etc). The barrel top separatoris also an effective way to prevent aggressive material likemetal fragments and glass from entering the main vacuumsystem. This protects vacuum piping against abrasiondamage. The Barrel Top Separator is also extremelyeffective in wet extraction applications: debris is removedfrom the airstream to prevent sludge from forming in thevacuum system.AutoVac units are built to last. Standard separators areconstructed of 16 gauge carbon steel. For wet applications,stainless steel models are available and can include ballvalves for easy drainage.


Barrel Top Separator Brochure
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