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IntelliVac Metering Device

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When added to a central vacuum system, the IntelliVac allows for the metering of airflow at the point of use. InetlliVac has many industrial applications and is widely used in the car care industry – specifically, self-serve car wash owners who to want to take advantage of central vacuum technology.

Carwash operators can offer free vacuums with the purchase of a wash, pay-per-use vacuums, or a combination, by using the AutoVac’s IntelliVac and Vacuum IQ.
  • The IntelliVac can be activated by tokens, coins, codes, or even in-ground sensors.
  • Enjoy powerful cleaning power
  • Operators decide how long each customer may vacuum before buying vacuum time. And if customers are forgetting to replace the vacuum hoses, you no longer have to pay for their mistake – the IntelliVac will turn the vacuum off for you.
Combine the IntelliVac Vacuum Station with a Vacuum IQ to realize tremendous cost savings by reducing energy consumption.

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