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Vacuum Producers

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600 Turbine

Fabricated Centrifugal Exhausters

At the heart of every AutoVac central cleaning system is our powerful Centrifugal Vacuum Producer. It is engineered for years of reliable performance with very little maintenance. We manufacture in-house in accordance with strict production standards. Combine with an AutoVac separator, engineered piping, and customized electronic motor controls for the most reliable vacuum system available.
Cast Blower

Cast Series Centrifugal Exhausters

AutoVac offers a full line of Centrifugal Blowers/Exhausters by Hoffman.
The Multistage Hoffman® Cast Series offers unsurpassed durability and efficient operation with minimal maintenance afforded by virtually no wearing parts.

Positive Displacement Blowers

Positive Displacement blowers serve many applications such as: pneumatic conveying; powder, food, diary, plastic, and fluids; vacuum for cleaning or assisted loading; cleaning/exhausting of gasses or cooling hot substances or surfaces. AutoVac will help determine which blower best fits your needs based on your application.
Regenerative Vacuum Blowers

Regenerative Vacuum Blowers

AutoVac offers a full line of high pressure Regenerative Vacuum Blowers by Airtech. The regenerative vacuum/pressure blowers is an ideal alternative to standard rotary vane pumps and PD/rotary lobe blowers. The innovative, lightweight and compact design allows for easy operation. It can quickly be added to your system with its easy to install, close-coupled construction. The cool running outboard bearings increase service life. The unit is OIL FREE, MAINTENANCE FREE, and operates at an industry low dB(A) sound level. With an operating capacity range of up to 1500 CFM, it can achieve an end vacuum up to 20" Hg or a pressure of 13 PSIG.
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