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Vacuum Canopies and Structures

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A1 Vacuum Arch #12

Vacuum Arches

AutoVac's arches offer modern solutions to your shade structure and piping needs. Its functional design delivers vacuum hoses directly to your customer’s door. It integrates your central vacuum system, piping and filtration into a streamlined structure for a custom look.

Whether you need one or 100 vacuum hoses, AutoVac lets you create a support structure to your specs. And with two or more arches, you can add a canopy to create an inviting, shaded vacuum area.

Other options include cyclonic primary separators for each arch, and vacuum-on-demand metering devices. Because our arches are modular, they can grow with your business.

Start with your Arch
Freedom Truss SS #3

Vacuum Truss Systems

AutoVac offers a variety of truss systems to support your centralized vacuum. The Freedom Truss System is a modular piping, canopy, and support structure to complement your centralized vacuum. Whether you need one or 100 vacuum hoses, the Freedom Truss System allows you to build a customized support structure to your specifications. And with two or more trusses, you can add a canopy to create an inviting, shaded vacuum area. Other options include individual cyclonic primary separators for each truss, and vacuum-on-demand metering devices. The Freedom Truss system is completely modular so it grows with your business.

The freedom to choose – start with your truss system and add any or all of our options.

Vacuum Stanchions #3

Vacuum Stanchions

AutoVac offers a full line of durable, highly functional vacuum stanchions. Our stanchions can be designed from the ground up to your specifications, or built to accommodate existing structures on your site. We design and manufacture our own stanchions in-house to ensure high quality and affordability. Options include: individual cyclonic separators, custom debris collection bins, "Y" adapters (to allow two hose assemblies from one drop), metering devices (to control the duration of each vacuuming session), custom hand tool receptacles, and more.
Vacuum Canopies - Car Wash Equipment

Vacuum Canopies

AutoVac's vacuum canopies create an attractive, functional addition to nearly any truss or arch system. They provide an inviting shaded vacuum area and are available in a wide array of eye-catching colors. Choose from a variety of solid and mesh shade materials to complement your site. Solid canopies are solution-dyed to give excellent fade and weather resistance. Mesh canopies are vinyl coated polyester for extreme durability.
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