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Portable Vacuum Systems

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Portable Vac Cover

Standalone Portable Vacuums

AutoVac’s improved portable vacuum is more durable and more convenient than ever. For starters, the new stainless steel construction resists rust. And since it’s lighter, it’s easier to maneuver - plus you’ll save on shipping costs. And who says a vacuum has to be dull? Choose a custom paint or a powder coat finish. Add your logo with a decal package. You can even pick the color of your dome, hose, and hand tool. Choose from eight base models varying in electrical requirements and number of motors and hoses. All the power you’d expect from an AutoVac portable vacuum - in a more convenient, more durable (and better looking) package.

Portable Industrial Vacuum Systems

When you need serious vacuum power with the convenience of portability, AutoVac has the solution — our Portable Industrial Vacuum Systems.

We offer a multitude of equipment combinations to meet your specific industrial or commercial application. Choose from an existing model, or let our design team create a portable industrial vacuum for your site.

Options include centrifugal vacuum producers, regenerative or positive displacement blowers. We offer vacuum-proof motors and several systems are available with diesel, gasoline or electric-powered motors. Filtration options include standard and HEPA filter, hopper, wet, pulse-jet, cyclonic separators and more. Choose one of our highly effective muffler systems to ...
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