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Hopper Separators

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Hopper Separator

Primary Hopper Separators

Primary Hopper Separators, “dirty” air is pulled through vacuum hoses and piping and then directly into the separator. Debris passes around a precisely engineered baffle and then drops out of the airstream through centrifugal action. Debris drops into a portable drum while air and any remaining particles move on to the next filtration device (typically a separator equipped with filter bags).
Hopper Separator

Pulse Jet Hopper Separators

Pulse Jet Hopper Separators separate debris from the airstream in two ways. First “dirty” air passes through a cyclonic chamber that forces debris downward and into a collection drum. Air and remaining particles then pass through a second chamber equipped with filter bags. These filter bags typically capture between 95% and 99% of particles at 3 microns. Pneumatic valve timers periodically send powerful bursts of air into the filter chamber to break apart collected debris and send it into the collection drum. AutoVac’s team of professionals will help you select the proper filtration devices from our existing models and sizes – or we can design a custom hopper separator to suit your exact requirements.
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