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Dental & Medical Vacuum Systems

AutoVac offers an extensive range of central vacuum systems for dental oral evacuation systems as well as central vacuum systems for housekeeping in medical facilities.

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Medical Vacuum Systems

Medical Vacuum Systems

Proper housekeeping is vital in healthcare facilities. It plays a critical role in ensuring the health and safety of hospital workers, patients and medical staff. AutoVac’s central vacuum systems provide unparalleled cleaning power so housekeeping tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently. Vacuum systems help cut labor costs and increase productivity while improving work environment and air quality. Centralized vacuum systems achieve all of this by completely removing debris from work and living areas. Waste is delivered to a remotely located filtration device and collection bin.

AutoVac’s central vacuum systems are uniquely designed to be energy efficient. Hospitals and medical facilities benefit from our advanced motor ...
Dental Vacuum Systems

Dental Vacuum Systems

AutoVac engineers and manufactures highly efficient dental vacuum systems for operations of any size. We understand the intricacies of designing reliable oral evacuation systems for various dental operations ranging from small dental practices to large military installations, dental schools and clinics. AutoVac’s dental vacuum systems utilize advanced motor control and software to maximize efficiency and minimize energy costs.
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